Thursday, April 14, 2022

Treats, Squirrels and Horses! OH MY!

I am always smiling momma says.

 However when Gracies name is mentioned....Smiles turn into my serious face.  

Nothing better than 80 degrees and the serenity of Doggy Nannys yard.

Treat time.  We all line up nicely.

Moments later a man on a horse galloped by...

...Look at them run!

Us girls were giving them our best borks,

as this duo made multiple trips by our fence line.  However Mr Teddy was scared and sat wif his momma.  Silly boy!

After a short break to rest we heard the familiar sounds of the pesky squirrels squeaking.

I pretended to not notice him in hopes he would get on the ground.

We went several rounds back and forth between trees.  One day Mr Squirrel your furry tail will be mine.  

I think my work here is done.  Good time!

Once inside I found this lovely stack of pillows to sit upon and rest my weary bones.  



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