Monday, April 25, 2022

Yearly Vaccination Time - CPV

 Ah the day has finally come I get to go see my furiends at CPV again.  Momma is it time to go now?  No I don't have to pee.

Is it time for the appointment now momma?  Walk-in...didn't you let them know I was coming in.  This must be announced.

I wanna go now!!!!!!

Oh I see you has treats...Can I has a treat?

Ok like for real....I wanna go NOW!

A few treats and a car ride later we arrived.

We donned our leashes, checked the peemail, and 

, politely asked for mommas assistance with the door.

Once inside We got checked in.  

Yes ma'am 2 for yearly shots please and thank you.

Obligitory waiting room photos.  

Right away we were called back.  We were put in Exam Room 1.

We let the nurse know we were eating, drinking, doing our business as normal.  No complaints.  I just wanted a doctors opinion on my toe nail. 

First we got weighted.  Pop was 9.9 and I was Eek 20 lbs.  I've put on a could pounds. 

Once weights were taken the nurse said the doctor would be right in.  Pop hopped in mommas lap quicker that Ive ever seen.  

Meanwhile....I listened to the people go by...

...and really just made my self at home. 

OH NO!  I hear the door opening!!!!

Ok Pop Ill go first.  Skin and coat look nice.  Slight tartar.  Eyes and ears look good.  Heart and lungs sound good. Toe nail looks a little curved but with regular trimming should be just fine.  One pokie and one oral vaccine later I was done.  

Pop your turn.  Skin and coat look nice.  BOL Dr Hoffman is a commedian.  What teeth you have look ok with slight tartar.  Eyes and ears look good.  Heart and lungs sound good. One pokie and one oral vaccine later she was done.

And it was as easy as that. 



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