Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Lucy - 11-15-16 to 06-03-23 - Rest In Peace Sweet Girl

 Rest in Peace

KD's Twinkle Twinkle Lucy Star TKP SCN SIN VHMA

11-15-16 to 06-03-2023


A Poem by Doggy Nanny


I hate writing this post so much because Lucy was full of joy up until the end and it makes me sad reliving this but her story deserves the proper ending here on the blog.  Happiest girl in da world!!!  I told her that phrase every night.  Even when her body was giving out she never did.  Letting her go at 6 was not right and not fair but it was the kindest option to end her physical pain.  She is resting now and playing up in heaven with Miss Mollie Jo, Bobo, Uncle Puppy, Dolly, my mom Cindy, and all the dogs that our family loved before her.  Her body is perfect again her soul is happy.  

Here is the full story starting May 2023.

May 6th 2023

Life was normal.  Happy go lucky Lucy being a blankie monster.

May 8th 2023

I packed up the girls to go on a park sniff.  We went outside and Lucy being Lucy was running around crazy and at full speed.  She wiped out and fell.  She got back up just like the past hundred times.  As I walked toward the gate to load up the dogs I noticed Lucy was off balance and walking like she was drunk.  She couldn't even get her paws on the car to hop in.  I picked her up she got in the back like normal.  

We arrived at Bud Daniel Park and lucy was unable to stand.  I put her on the bench and she just kept looking at me like "momma somethings not right".  We didn't stay long and I packed us up and we headed to Doggy Nannys. 

 I am so thankful for her calm assessment of the situation.  I didn't spiral right away.  At this point lucy was unable to stand or walk at all.   Luckily it was sunday, the vet was open the next morning and my boss is literally the best.  He let me use vacation and request it on a weekend.  

We headed home and lucy couldn't sit on the center console like normal.  So she made her way to the carseat.

Poppy Joined her to make sure she was taken care of.

Thankfully I found this carrier in the facebook market place a few months earlier and it was easier for me to carry Lucy on one arm and poppy in the other.

Poppy got a little bit greeneyed.

Sissy was getting lots of attention.

And fed in her new bed.

I wanna eat in the carrier too!

When I got home I gave Lucy a galiprant and after a good rest and supper she was able to walk for the first time in hours.  Albeit not well but walking.  

We went to the clinic, got checked in and the vet did his exam. 

 Dr Wurster said it looked like a disc was compressed in the cervical spine or possible ivdd but not neurological.  He said we could do a conservative approach with meds or go to dallas for an MRI.  Due to the cost of the MRI upwards of $5000 I opted for meds.  

We were given Pred and an antibiotic.

When we got in the car I put her back in the carseat.  She looks so defeated here.  Tired and worn out.

But she pressed on.

The next few days went better on the meds.  She was walking better.  Feeling better and life kinda ok..but different.  

After a good nap she was walk almost normal.  Bit wobbly but nothing like the day prior.  I was elated.  I did research on the disc compression and ivdd.  The treatment, physical therapy and life after surgery.  I vowed to Lucy that I would not go that route cause I wouldn't let her live in pain or go through a big surgery.  These meds were gonna fix her.  They already helped.

She wasn't aware of her paws and they would be knuckled over often.

Poppy again got a little jealous.

Lucy and I talked alot.  Talked about her being the bestest puppy in the world, how she loved playing tide caps, golf carting in the soybean field, going to puppy class, moving cross country, becoming a big sisfur, going to trial, meeting new friends, "GOING TO GRACIES", and just all the fun things we've done.  

I had to keep reminding myself be realistic....

but also remain hopeful.

Poppy kept on guard to keep us safe.

The day before Lucy had her fall I stepped on a nail and it went right through my shoe.  So in an effort to prevent further damage I bubble wrapped Poppy.

Lucy also got a new harness to support her ( I actually ordered a week prior to her falling and it arrived the day before...ironically is why I went outside and got the nail stuck in my foot)....but it fit like a charm and was super handy.

She always found a way to get out of it while in the car.  Lucy....you are too funny.

My Doggie-Minder Board was full.  Grooming, rechecks, vax and heartworm.

Lucy found a love of meat balls (proplan salmon wet patte food) and well I finally got my girl to eat meds with no fuss.  It only took 6 years.  LOL  She would literally eat the spoon i fed her from.  

We got a new recliner during this time as well. With Lucys issues I couldn't bring her with me but heres a litte re-enactment. 

Waiting on the delivery peoples.

Lucy approves.

Poppy was a little suspicious but eventually approved.

We also got some collar charms from Kissamo.

To keep her mind busy and help in losing weight...

I introduced puzzle feeders which were a hit for both my girls.

Enjoy this little photo dump of them eating their puzles. 

I also started supplements of Salmon Oil and Dasuquin to help with skin, coat and joints.

The one kibble in the middle always eluded Lucy.  Poppy would stalk her and then eat that one kibble.  Her nose is tinier.  LOL

Things again were staying ok for a while.  Life was different but manageable.  

Then she went in for her recheck.  All went well.  It was a goldendoodle pawty in the waiting room.  She had a blast and showed off for the vet techs.  The vet said reduce the pred and not to be doom and gloom but I never thought she would walk again let alone this well. On the way out she started falling again. 

 I took her home got her comfy and let her rest.  She had an episode of weird breathing.  The vet said nothing to be concerned over but keep the pred at the original dose.  After that she was ok again.  

The next day she went to the groomer.  Mrs Larissa at Margots let her bring her pillow to rest on and said she laid down most of the time anyway and she wouldn't make her stand if she was hurting in the least.  She did well and came home looking just fabulous.  

She even found the strength to play blankie monster. 

Things started going down hill from here...Life went on and I noticed little things like her getting worried when I left.  She wouldn't jump anywhere.  I got her kennel set up so she could sleep in the kitchen.  I got a ramp so she could shuffle up to the bed. Lucy became extraordinarily clingy like ive never seen before.  The moment she realized we were going somewhere she got upset.  If I was leaving for work she panicked.  She just wanted us all home and in the recliner.  Normally shes ride or die co pilot.  First one out and borking the whole way.  I did order more pain meds.  Unbeknownst to me the meds were taking a toll on her body.  She began having accidents in the house, peeing multiple times outside, she peed in her kennel  (while at work and seeing her freak out and try to cover it up had me crying at work) and eventually she started peeing blood.  When I came home to see blood all over her back side I burst into tears and called Doggy Nanny.  

I came home friday the 2nd of June and she had bloody urine all on her backside.  She was keeping her head low.

I had been telling myself for a month be optimistic but remain realistic.  I don't want to put her little body through a big surgery (possibly more in the future) and having her recoup at home alone while I am at work.  I didn't want her living that kind of life.  I asked Doggy Nanny "am i kidding myself thinking she is going to be normal and the conservative approach is going to fix everything".  Doggy Nanny had some good calming words again.

Doggy Nanny, Gracie and Grandpa came to visit.  Lucy was stumbling bad and not feeling her best but enjoyed the visit to the fullest.  

Saturday morning she really couldn't stand.  I had about 1/3 can of wet food and let her eat every bite.  She had the best meat ball brekkie any pup could have.  I kind of knew things looked like they were heading down a certain path.  So whatever she wanted she could have.


The next morning we went to the vet to see what was causing the blood in her urine.  Doggy Nanny joined us at the visit for moral support knowing we may have to make a hard decision.  Lucy perked up so much when she saw Doggy Nanny come through the doors.  Her favorite person at her favorite place with all her friends life couldn't get any better.  They couldn't get a urine sample (as she had an accident in the stroller) but said the pred was irritating her bladder.  If surgery (surgery plus mri and other visits would be upwards of 8-15 thousand dollars with no guarantees and another disc could compress with her history and weight in the future) was not an option quality of life and end of life decisions should be made.  Doggy Nanny and I discussed it and it was time to set her body free.  She had other medical issues that were affecting her life.  Allergies, 2 bad luxating patellas and now this.  They gave her a relaxation shot.  The tech said it may burn.  Lucy took it in stride didn't make a peep.  After a few minutes her tongue was hanging out and the room was spinning for her.  She was off in another dimention.  I cradled her body, held her paw and rested her head in the crook of my arm.  Dr. Hoffman administered the euthanasia solution and within seconds lucy was gone.  Free from this world, free from pain and running full speed to the Rainbow Bridge.  I can only imagine what she felt greeting all the dogs that came before and my mom (the biggest dog lover in the world).  I stayed with her stroking her floof.  I let Poppy see her, smell her and say goodbye.  Doggy nanny gave her pets.  I saw her tongue had gone blue....Lucy was really really gone.  I told her one last time "STAY, BE GOOD AND I LOVE YOU!"  I told her that each and every day as I left for work.  I made arrangements for cremation and paid out.  CPV was so kind and gentle with the whole process.  That made it easier.  

We left the clinic and went home.  Poppy and I immediately went to sleep for hours.  We needed an escape from the pain and emptiness we both felt.  We didn't leave the house the rest of the weekend.  

Come Monday I hated leaving Poppy alone but just tried to keep routine as best I could.  I watched her from the spy cam and she was setting off the motion detector every 5 minutes.  At one point she howled.  I have never seen Poppy howl.  Bork, growl, fuss and cry but not a straight up howl.  Each day got easier for both of us and she is doing well now being alone.....well as ok as we can be without the lively prancing poodle.

10 days later I got the call her ashes were ready to be picked up.  I was bawling again at work.  I wasn't prepared for that call.

I didn't realize how much losing her (and the whole ordeal) had affected me....my mental state and my attitude.  I picked up her bag and went home.  Poppy and I unpacked it together.  CPV made a paw print impression...and I could even see her crooked toenail from the incident where Poppy attempted Murder on her a year and a half prior.  They took a lock of her ear furs and put it in a glass bottle.  The cremation company printed her a certificate of cremation, a rainbow bridge letter and put my girl in a little oak box with a lock.  Her name was engraved on a gold plate.

Later on after emotions calmed down I opened the box and found a little surprise.  Each dog gets one last dog tag.  Its their cremation tag.  

I cleaned it up and placed it in her doggie book.  It was the final thing to end her story.  The final piece.  

A couple days later after updating some acounts about Lucy's passing (Chewy, Homeagain, Groomer, etc) we recieved a sweet surprise of flowers from a local florist from Chewy.

It took another 2 weeks and a round of grief I never saw coming hit me like a brick.  All I wanted was to hold her fluffy body....bury my face in that fancy topknot....have her nubbin wiggle as I told her she is the prettiest girl in da world.  I wanted my happy healthy lucy back and I was getting very down.  I do have her paw prints up in my office so that helps.

Then something came across about a little hairless dog that was being rehomed.  More on that later.  I fretted about it....Did I want two dogs, could I handle two dogs again, is it too soon, how would poppy feel.  Most of those were advice from doggy nanny.  I decided nows not the best time.  I need to focus on us.  But something kept nagging me.  And well again more on that in another blog.  

Now that I have that new little hairless dog I know why it was nagging at me for so long....Lucy was sending her to me.  Everything aligned for me to adopt her, she is a fiesty thing, and in person her hair is about the same shade as Lucy's faded red fur.  Lucy knew we needed her....And yea she was right.  

So Lucy I end this with a message for you.  I wish we had more time together but Thank you for getting me out of the dark place after losing Mollie Jo, thank you for being my ride or die, thank you for teaching me to be social, thank you for putting up with all my crazy ideas, thank you for being the sweetest happiest girl in da world, thank you for teaching Poppy how to be a dog, thank you for teaching me to be a better dog mom, thank you for giving me love when I was down and when I needed a hand to hold your paw was right there.  Not to mention your tongue giving me kisses whether I wanted them or not.  But in reality I did.  

Run free and have fun playing at the bridge....until we meet again....

Stay, Be Good and I LOVE you VERY MUCH!

-Katie the Momma


  1. Lucy loved you Katie! You are an amazing fur mom! This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful little lady who everyone who met her instantly loved her!

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. I always loved reading about Lucy.

  3. We're so sorry to learn of Lucy's passing. It was always fun to see her sweet, silly ways in all the pictures you posted. Our paws are crossed that you and Poppy's hearts will heal. We can't wait to meet your new family member that Lucy picked out for you.

  4. I'm so sorry to read about Lucy's health struggles over the last few months. Your tender love and care gave her great comfort in her final days. Cindy told me about Lucy's passing. Ann from Zoolatry made her a beautiful badge.
    I have posted about her passing at the link below
    Hugs Cecilia


  5. We're so very sorry to hear about your dear and sweet Lucy. Love and hugs from all of us.

  6. You have mom in tears. We are so very sorry for the loss of your beloved Lucy. Huge hugs♥

  7. I'm so, so sorry for your devastating loss, but YES, Lucy absolutely sent you a new baby to love.

  8. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. XO

  9. Such a short life, but such a full life; a life full of fun, full of family and full of love. Godspeed, Lucy.