Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Wichita Falls Ugly Dog Contest - by Withershins Menagerie

 You would't believe what was being hosted in my furry own city.  Its an Ugly Dog Contest.  Grandpa tells me all the time I could win and well here was my chance!

I sent in my entry right away.

I made it into the top three.  Then the voting began.  

May 31st we went to WM down town to get the final results.  I gave my best "ugly face" to all the pups coming.

The winner was announced as Eddy the Chinese Crested with Poppy the Chinese Crested coming in second.  We faced off in the store.

Good game sir!  You for sure deserve it.  You have that fantastic werewolf looking going on.  

Oh he was so dreamy...if I wasn't spayed we could have made a love connection.  

Everyone wanted a pic of Eddy...

With his trophy!  Way to go Eddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Congrats!

WM even posted about the show down on their fb page.  Wow!  What fun!!!


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