Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Odds, Ends and Fat Squirrels

 Just some odds....

...new toy from the spark review program...

...protecting momma while she showers...

...Pretty clouds...


...and ends. 

On July 4th we went to kiwanas park and watched the fat squirrels.  

I mean prairie dogs.  Whatever.  They were out there doing rain dances, popping up and down the holes.  

I tried to take the wheel from momma so I could ram the through the enclosure and pick one out to chase.  

But I got banished to the back seat. 

But peep my trollz hair!   

On our way out we saw one fat squirrel that tunneled out.  

Momma made sure to keep hold of me or that one would have been suppers!

Anyhoo....thats all for now.



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