Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Brrr! It Done Turned Cold

 BRRR!  Its Nippy out....glad we are sweatered.  

Momma slip that leash around my neck and lets get going.  

First stop gas station.  With the cold and possible ice coming (BTW it never came) we needed to make sure the car was ready.  Cora...where is your sweater?

Momma shes out of uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And its so cold.  How is she not freezing?

Whew anyhoo....Im snuggly warm in my BARKIE sweater.

While the gas was pumping Momma then Cora "why aren't you wearing your hoodie?"

"Cause....thats why"

Next stop groceries.

While we waited we decided to give momma some funny faces....for some reason she likes that.

Official grocery inspector.  Ok looks right...lets get this soul on the road!

On the way out we noticed the little water wheel was frozen solid.  That means its too cold!


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