Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Not Why but How???

 Katie the momma here....So I want to preface this post....Lucy was a one in a million dog.  She did things no other dog as ever done.  She kept me guessing what she was going to do....what I would walk into find when I return from work.  She was special.  When she was nearing the end I swore I would never get another dog.......but ya know sometimes Lucy throws a curve ball and sends a little tiny faded red hairless pup in the form of Cora Jean into our lives to make sure we are still laughing and to keep us on our toes.  Poppy has been playing with her more...they love chase in the yard.  They "steal" each others chew chews.  They bork up people in the parking lots together.  There are so many little things that Lucy did that Cora does and I know those are signs from Lucy.  I have never had a connection with a dog like Lucy....She holds a special place in my heart.  That brings us todays post.....The why i get....stealing a milk jug and hauling it off to your lair is great fun.  It gives me a giggle and makes me forget my worries for a moment while i sit and revel in what this tiny 5 lb dog has done.  Like lucy coming into the living room acting like nothing was wrong with a plastic hanger around her see you had fun but how did you do this.  Thats why dogs are such great companions.  They give you a break from reality for a moment.  You just get lost in this little heartbeat at your feet and its magical.  So i present you the scene of the crime.  This is a 52 oz fair life milk jug....its height and width wise the same size as cora.  How did she get this either off the table or out of the trash and into her kennel.


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