Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Too Much Pink?

 Twas a chilly day in North texas.  Momma forced me into this getup.  

At least I wasn't alone.  Sissy had to get dressed up too.

I simply don't understand it.  Clothes, collars and leashes....this woman is obsessed.

at least we are getting chicken nuggies.

You got fries too right!

Yes ma'am those nuggies go back here.

Wowza...that wind is rough!

Watching for the nuggs!

Next stop was Doggy Nannys of course.

We got treats, scritches and yard time.

Then it was on...we huffed, we growled and we borked.

At this nasty squirrel!  

All too soon it was time to get back into our warm jackets and head home. 

Once home and out of that silly jacket I grabbed a chew chew and went straight to my room.  


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