Thursday, February 8, 2024

Its Furry Early To Be At Doggy Nannys House

Momma its dark out...why are we at Doggy Nannys at this hour....we should be snuggled up in bed.

You are leaving us alone?  Oh that Pet Sitter person is coming by?

Mother you can't be serious.

Tell me its all a good joke....


...not sure if i is angries...

...or sads!

....I think I will regain my composure and ask Doggy Nanny when she comes in. mommas getting clothes!

Im frightened!

Whats gonna happen to us!

Poppy help!

We gotta jump into action and stop this madness!

Ladies....come on!

They are going to leave us all alone!

Miss Katie....can you stop this?

Lets not lose our cool.

Surely Doggy Nanny will set momma straight.

I don't know Pop.

Things are looking bleak.

Momma...why would you lie?

I think I better do something drastic....

Ill just get right up here...

...And wait for Doggy Nanny.  I don't like the answers you are giving momma.

She is sure taking a long time.

I think I hear her.

DOGGY NANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I has a question for you.

Momma says you, her and both aunts are leaving town and we are staying here alone.  That can't be right.

Cora I am afraid to tell you yes.  We are going on a little day trip.  You will be alright!

"The Dog Was Too Stunned to Speak"

Aunt L an Aunt B arrived moments later and had bags packed and everything.  #sad


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