Thursday, February 8, 2024

Oil Change, Vacuums, and Car Washes OH MY!

Momma said it was time to spruce up Gypsy.  

First things first vacuum up all the milk bone crumbs and stuffing from the carseats.

Why is it so loud?

Mother...why am i on the dash board?

I can't drive I'm not a big dog yet.

Ok fine.  1 picture.  Put me back where I belongs.

I thought since we was just going around the parking lot to the oil change station I would try the front seat.

....bad idea...

0/10 do not recommend.

I starting shaking...

....freaking out...

Meanwhile Pop was all safe and happy in the backseat.

My faces got stranger...

....and stranger.  Mother help!

We finally arrived at the oil place.  Got everything checked under the hood and they changed our windshield wipers for free.  Thank you.  But the oil man did stick his hand in my window to check the "oil maintenance" light.....I had to remind sir...ask before touch.

Once Gypsy got the all clear we took a spin around the block to head into the car wash to cash in our free ticket.  

Getting close....

...We are next...

Don't worry momma I got this.

We got sprayed for bug splatter....

When the bug spray attendant came around the side to spray the tires....oh that got me going.  I borked...he tapped on the window....and I borked some more!

Good game sir!  OOH look at all the pretty colors.

Poppy I have never been through one of these.  You sure this is safe.

It doesn't feel safe!

Momma shes whining.  Make her stop.

Fine...Ill protect you.

There are the big slappers.

Wasn't that cool Cora?

Fun times!

Then the towel boys came our way.  You better not touch my window!

HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thats a wrap!

When we got home boy were we tired!  We were both under the covers snoring like freight trains (per momma) and only one little hairless peet was visable.


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