Thursday, February 8, 2024

Meeting with a Pet Sitter?

 So mommas been talking a lot about hiring a pet sitter.  Um momma we go everywheres with you why do we need someone to sit on us?  She finally set us down and told us the bad news.  She and Doggy Nanny are going out of town soon and we will be gone for aprox 84 hours (12 human  hours times 7 for dog hours).  And that we would need someone to feed us brekkies and suppers.  I think shes lying this couldn't be for reals!

So we got the diaper bag packed with pre portioned meals, treats,  and extra pee pads.  Then got the doggie vax book updated with pet sitter notes.

Next we got the treat pouch ready for the meet and greet.  Momma insisted we wear matching pjs and our biothane collars.  

Bright and early Saturday morning we got up and headed to Doggy Nanny's house to meet with the Pet Sitter.  Mrs T.  Momma warned us to be on our best behavior.  

No promises momma!

There were no further pictures as we were on our worst behavior.  Momma tried to work with me on treats and being calm...nope.  I had an weird feeling about this pet sitter.  She had an odd energy.  (forshadowing at its finest huh)

However Mrs T did post us as new clients to the facebook page.

I guess time will tell....

Poppy and Cora

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