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Burkburnett Texas - AKA BoomTown

 Just a short drive north and we arrived in Burkburnett.  

Originally settled by ranchers as early as 1856, this community was known by some locals as Nesterville. By 1880, the town had a small store with a population of 132. From 1882 until 1903, a post office operated there under the designation Gilbert, named after the North Texas pioneer Mabel Gilbert. In 1906, a nearby wealthy rancher named Samuel Burk Burnett sold more than 16,000 acres (65 km2) of his land in northern Wichita County to a group of investors who were seeking to extend into the wheat-growing area of Western Oklahoma the Wichita Falls and Northwestern Railway, one of the Frank Kell/Joseph A. Kemp properties based in Wichita Falls.[6]

Within Burnett's former land near the railroad, lots were auctioned off the following year and a post office was established. The town was named Burkburnett by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, who visited the area for a wolf hunt that was hosted by the wealthy rancher Burnett.[7] In 1912, oil was discovered west of the town, attracting thousands to the area, and by 1918, approximately 20,000 people had settled around the oilfield. This part of the town's history was chronicled in the film, Boom Town with Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy. The Great Depression had a negative impact on the town's population, which was boosted again in 1941 as Sheppard Air Force Base was established nearby.

Look Cora the oil rig is pumping right now!  Theres liquid gold in there!

Once in down town Burkburnett we spotted this little place.

They have a painted bull.

Vintage vehicles.

Iron Peoples

An old chevy truck converted into a bench.

A giant tricycle.

This darling and curiously tall elephant.

And a Pizza Hut sign!  I like it!

Momma said after being so good posing at the adobe style office if I felt brave I could get my picture with Big Bear.  Had to give him a good sniff.

No one is watching are they?

OK!  Cheese!  The sun was in my eyes but a great pic none the less!

Around the corner there was a literal horse couch!  AHHH!  One snap and done on this.  I am feeling confident now.  I see why Angel Lucy loved doing this so much.  Its fun!

In the historic down down area we found this mural.

An old gas station turned mini museum.

Just look at the vintage gas pumps!  

What is this cool vehicle here?

Billy Ray Mize.... Nicknamed "The Old Stallion" Billy was the last employee of Preston Dairy.  This pavilon was put up in his honor.  Wow!

Mize...Any relation to Selena Mize I wonder?  Momma said yes, its her Great Uncle and fun fact Mr Billy Ray Mize was married to our DOGGY NANNY! 

 What a small world huh!!! 

Just next door is the historic Missouri Kansas Texas train depot.

Love the colors of the building!

Momma didn't you used to live in the midwest.

Kansas Kentucky same thing!

We napped the whole way back to Wichita Falls.  

We stopped at Doggy Nannys cause who doens't love visiting Doggy Nanny and Gracie right!  And I may or may not have drained the entire food dish.

And I may or may not have had help.  Road trips make you hungries!

Then it was scritches time wif doggy nanny.

Then we napped the whole way home.  

Bonus Doggy Nanny Scritches photo...dont' know what day this was from so it lives here now.

Pop Co

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