Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Momma Called Me FAT!

 Rude isn't it!  Like what the pup???!!???!  

Ok...so momma made me put this here.  She didn't call me "fat" she called me food motivated.  She wants to keep me "fit and trim" so I don't have any back issues like Angel Lucy.  Momma worries.  Angel Lucy whispered that to me.  Angel Lucy was the one who sent me here to help Poppy and momma heal.  Anyhoo....She got me "light" food so I can still have yummy kibbles and tiny sized kibbles for my tiny mouth but not gain extra weight.  You go to doggy nannys house and drain a big bowl of kibble like 20 times and your labeled fat...i mean food motivated.   Plus she picked up more "medicine" treats.  Like ok whatever momma if you say its "medicine" and we "have to have it" who are we to stop you.  (BTW its totally just a beef chew treat).  

Lets do this.

Come on momma get that scooper out....

...Im hUnGrY!

Ooh smells like the food Aunt Gracie is on.  Yum!

Om...nom nom!

Proud member of the clean bowl club.  Or as momma says I lick the stainless steel off the bowl.  BOL!

Momma can I has one more scoopy?

Diet...light...or whatever you call it I am down.  Hills rocks!


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