Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Road Trip Down Sheppard Access Road

Nothing better than a nice long drive from Wichita Falls to Burkburnett just to explore.  

Its very rural area and boy there are lots of sights and smells!  

First thing we found was a big pasture of horses.  

Oh so pretty and smelly!!!

On down the road we found a sign saying there was a Rodeo Arena.

Heck Yea Poppy lets go!

We have arrived at the Red River Riding Assc.  

Oh Poppy is that cow pie I smell?  

The gates were closed so we couldn't go in and investigate but...

They had a beautiful tin Texas sign...

...and a tin Oklahoma sign. #representation

Good times momma!

Mother....can we continue on and see where this road leads?

Stay tuned for the next post.  We go to Burkburnett!!!


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