Monday, May 4, 2020

Book Updates and Memories

We have been working on updating our books since vaccination day.  We decided to stream line it and make new name pages.  Here is mine wif tie dye!

And Princess Poppy's page.

We used all the stickers that came wif our heartworm, flea and tick meds to make fun collector sheets.

Last but not least we looked back at some of our memory items.  On the left we have Poppy's first tags that were um....slightly damaged when I would drag her around Doggy Nanny's house by her collar.  (Tagmageddon for those who have been wif us a while).  On the right we have my first hair bow.  As you can see it too is a bit ragged.  I didn't like dressing up even when I was a wee baby poodle.

Here it is wif all the hairbows I have received.

Lucy and Poppy

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