Thursday, May 28, 2020

Margot's Has REOPENED!

(5-16-2020) It's a blessing that Margot's Grooming has finally reopened.  They are in a building right behind their old building. I haven't minded the home haircuts too much but my topknot, bracelets and ears are getting out of control and we must leave these to the professionals!

Miss Pat is still doing the corona protocol for dropoffs and pickups.  When we arrived we honk to let them know we arrived. 

 Lucy was disrobed....

and whisked away.

Its always sad leaving sissy on grooming days.  

*Internet Time Travel* 

Its time to pick Lucy up!!!!!

Hey guys here is my official transformation:

Before grooming.

After grooming.

And would ya look at this....Miss Pat uncovered my tosies!

I think we best head towards home....

...I am furry sweepy and hungry.

Onward home momma!

Lucy and Poppy

BTW this already went out on ig but here is the #beautymode tiktok I made on grooming day.

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  1. PHEW! I know your momma tried hard, but it's best to leave some things with the pawfessionals.