Thursday, November 26, 2020

Destroying The Carseat

Ooh momma put down a fresh sheet in the carseat.  

Lets DESTROY it!!!!!!!!

Hang on Poppy I'm coming under too!

*GrrRRr* *Bork* *WOOOOFF* *random car engine noise*

Back to business now.  We are awaiting chicky nuggies at Chiky-fil-a.  That kinda looks like our order.....

OOH!  It is!  Commence wiggles, borks and lizard tongue.

After we got home, had our supper it was nap time.  

Upon closer inspection momma found my tongue sticking out and snapped a picture.  

I was so dead asleep she even lifted me lip and got a full picture of my tongue stuck in my toofers.  



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