Monday, November 2, 2020

October Grooming

 Its been 6 weeks and I am ready to get rid of dis fur!

On the road.  

Still doing call ahead covid procedure.

Ooh ooh its Miss Rachel!  

Bye Momma!

At 5pm there was a slight hitch in the giddy up and I wasn't quite done being pampered.  No worries.

  So momma headed home to get the me.   Momma did her "evening stuff" and I cried the whole time.  I missed Lucy and it was supper time.  Momma then said there would be a slight delay in suppers as we had to wait for Lucy to get finished.  OH NO!  Not delayed suppers!!!! I am STARVING!  I cried more and more till momma said it was time to go. 

We drove over to Margots and picked up Madam Fluffy.  Then headed straight home for suppers. 

Pick up vlog


Lucy and Poppy

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