Thursday, June 23, 2022

2022 Clinical Drug Study - New Month New Trial

 As one heartworm trial ends another one was beginning.  Dr. Hoffman asked if I wanted to pawticipate.  

Oh boy do I ever!!!!!  This will be a one dose long term (either inject-able or topical) heartworm medication.  No Pills....FUR sure sign me up!

So after turning in my binder on the 1st study I had to stay with Dr. Hoffman and get some tests run.  Heartworm, bloodwork, physical.  Then later that afternoon momma came to pick me up and get the full run down on this study.  And would you believe when she returned to pick me up she forgot her cell phone.  The same cell phone that she has literally super glued to her hand at all times.  So there are no additional pictures from the pick up visit.  I am so sorry.  Good help is seriously hard to find these days.  Anyhoo. Brenden let us know we get the *excluded information due to blind study* type of medication, went over the consent forms, and let us know about the adverse reactions to watch for/record.  The medication was administered and a follow up call will come the following day to see if any reactions happened.  This medication lasts for 6 months and I will receive 3 total doses (18 months of coverage total).  I will have a 4 month visit, 6 month visit (to be redosed), 8 month visit, 12 month visit (to be redosed again) and a 14 month final check up.  Fun times.  Here is my new study binder.

So it will be a bit before my next update but its now been 24 hours since the medication was administered and I have had no side effects.  The dosing was super easy and now I am done with heartworm prevention for 6 whole months.  That is literally just a huge relief.  I feel so free!!!!!!!!


Lucy (Drug Study Expert)

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