Tuesday, June 7, 2022

May Grooming - Short Ears Feel Good

 A fine saturday morning.  We dumped....I mean dropped off the poodle ladies at the salon then momma and I hit the whataburger drive thru.  2 Toquitos pawlese.

After brekkie, a good nap and a visit from the spectrum tech it was time to pick up Lucy and Aunt Gracie.  Momma decided to go with shorter ears for summer.  I think Lucy looks adorable. 

Momma did you realize you put up the middle console and I am unable to fit between the seats.  Im sure it was a mistake but I am ok for this ride sitting up here.  

Aunt Gracie got her usual trim and looks simply darling.

It was far too hot to squirrel hunt outside so I threatened them from the comfort of the indoors.  



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