Monday, June 13, 2022


We are technically in the "preheat" season of summer here in Texas.  However its just fluffin' hot.  Friday evening after Poppy borked up the neighbors she came in and literally melted into a hairless puddle.

I spent most of the weekend in bed.  It was too hot too move.  Thankfully our house has a powerful ac and it kept us nice and cool.

We did venture out once to get momma a shake and this is what the car read....yes that is 111 degrees.  

Just after we pulled up a big altercation broke out at the sonic.  The lady in red was throwing things inside the building and chased the lady in black (in the doorway) around the parking lot.  The chase ended just in front of our car where both ladies ended up on the ground and the lady in red had her weapon taken away.  Super scary. 

We all were in shock.  Momma called 911, I was watching hoping someone would come let me play and Pop borked at them for getting to close to the car.  Yep we is a traveling circus. 

Moments later the police showed up.  3 units in fact.

I had a blast watching the action.  And I had a front row seat too.  



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