Thursday, June 9, 2022

2022 K9 Influenza Vaccine Study - Visit 1


We got the text that our appointment was for June 9th at 620 pm.  

This study is being conducted by Dr. Rouillard.  He works at Pets and Animal Hospital here in WF.  This study dubbed Project Sphinx is testing the use of a smaller dose (.5 ml) of the Canine influenza vaccine.  It was shown in research to be effective with less side effects. 

When we arrived we were greeted by the Dogtor and his technician.  Dr Rouillard went over the study requirements, eligibility, and process.  We verified:

-We have our current vaccines and haven't been vaccinated or have a need to be vaccinated withing a 1 week of this trial. 
-We will be able to attend all three visits.  
-Momma will be able to monitor our health and injection site daily.  

Momma signed paperwork to enroll us and got our profiles with the clinic set up.  

Then they took us back one by one to be weighed.

We did spot some of the dogs in the trial with us.  It was a three pack of pibbles.  OMG so cute and all well behaved.  Unlike some hairless members of my pack.  BOL

When it was time we were pulled back into an exam room.

Our names were entered into the database and we were given study case numbers.

The drug study boxes were pulled out.  Ooh fancy!

We were officially given our drug study binders 

Then we had to have exams.  Temp, physical and then injection.  I reviewed the paperwork and gave the tech lots of wags and kisses!

Then it was sissys turn.  I made myself comfortable and kept an eye on her.

She gave no wags or kisses.  She just kept side stepping trying to get away from the tech.  Momma she keeps sliding me back towards her.  I don't like this.

Post exam I made sure to give sissy extra kisses to make her feels better.

Obligatory waiting room photo with our books.

Once back in the car we got back to business.

Momma caught a great shot for the twisted sister collection.

Lucy buck up....I didn't even bite you that hard.

Our new binders were added to the collection and whew!  We were DONE!


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