Wednesday, December 7, 2022

A Feast For Thanksgiving

We headed out around 12 pm to Doggy Nannys house to celebrate Thanksgiving

Once we hit OIP rd. We knew we were close.

Licking my lips just thinking about the feast I am about to enjoy.

Theres the road.  Queue the crying.

We busted through the door like the heathens we are and found Doggy Nanny had some num nums ready for us.

Then it was squirrel patrol time.

Although momma couldn't catch me I have figured out how to use the doggy door and let myself out.  So I can sneak up on them tree rats.


Must focus!

The neighbors GSD was wanting to join us in our squirrel mission.  Sadly only his little face fit through the fence.  But he watched me for the longest time on my patrol.  I went and sniffed him and to mommas surprise we both behaved well.  

Back inside I could smell the foods were nearly done cooking.

We all took our spots at the table.

Said grace.

and dove in.

We all huddled around Doggy Nanny the most.  Shes quite the giver of treats.  

When Uncle Cody left I did sneak up on his char in hopes of snagging a roll.  I was caught and removed.

Post dinner we found comfy spots to relax.  Lucy on the mini rocker.

Me on mommas arm.

After a quick power nap Lucy wandered over to the couch for a wallering session.

*wiggle wiggle wiggle*

Engage poodle toofers.

We took a quick selfie.

Watched the cowboys play and WIN!  Go Cowboys.

Then we snuggled in close to Doggy Nanny.

When Lucy and I switched spots I made friends with Uncle Cody.

I kissed his hand and allowed him to pet me.  No biting required.  I guess I am turning into a softy as I approach middle age.  Not all people are bad.  But Grandpa now hes still suspicious!!!!!  BOL 

When we found Lucy passed out and snoring we decided it was time to head home.

We literally ran to bed and each found a pillow to sleep upon.  So thankful!

Aunt Gracie, Doggy Nanny, Grandpa, Aunt Net, Uncle Cody and Uncle Teddy it was a true pleasure to spend another wonderful Thanksgiving together.  



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