Thursday, December 15, 2022

Momma Will Pay For This

Momma decided it was time to torture me again.   Darn shame too.....cause now she will have to pay for this.  Full body bath, hair combed, collars cleaned, tag swap and nails dremeled.  

Here were my reactions to the torture.  To show my displeasure of  the bathing process I gave momma my best gremlin face. 

When she wouldn't listen I refused to pawticipate in the photos.


Post bath I sat on the opposite side of the house (granted its 250 square feet) but still I sat as far away from her as possible and stared at her shooting daggers from my big blue eyes.  

When I dried it was time for bangs.  This was my resting witch face.  

The whole process was traumatizing.  Im furry traumatized!

I think I have PTSD.  I keep getting baff flashbacks!

No Smooches,

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