Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Ding Dong! Delivery From Chewy!

 AHHHH!  Its a CHEWY.com box!  Best day evers!!!!!!!

Momma I don't wanna sit up here.  This is the best I got.  

Move sissy...I gotta get in here and see what we have.

Looks like momma scored some amazing deals on bacon strips, dental bones, an eye boogie comb....

...And Apoquel.  More on that in another post. 

These Dental Bones smell fantastic.

Obligatory blog photo.  

This one almost made momma cry....it was so reminiscent of my first Chewy Influencer box photo.  Circa 2017.

OOh let me sniff...


Alright lets break out the bacon strips.

This is furry thick packaging.  I know it will keep them fresh but momma I may need help breaking in.


Another pawlese.

So good!

10/10 highly recommend.

Sissy I agree.

Furry delicious!!!!



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