Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A Rough Night

4-12-2021 When momma got home I was having just an awful time.  I was biting at my knees, scratching all over, gnawing on my paws and basically miserable.  All evening I couldn't get comfortable.  I went from mommas lap to the foot rest to the floor and back again.  Momma flipped me over to give me a "flea check" and found this.  I chewed my leg raw.  There was not one flea found nor flea dirt.  Momma didn't know if it was from my knee hurting or from allergies.  

I am still on my galliprant and zyrtec but not having any puffy eyes or sneezing fits or limping so momma was at a loss.  Thankfully I will be going for bloodwork soon and will ask the doctor for advice.  


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