Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wichita Falls Animal Control - City Licenses

After our fun morning at the vet the next stop on the agenda was to the Animal Services Center.

We arrived a tad bit early for our appointment so...

...we engaged in a little game of bitey face.

At 12:15 we made our way inside.

We gave the receptionist at the counter our rabies certificates, let her know we needed to renew our licenses and get new tags.

While she processed our licenses I kept my eye on those suspicious cats in the front lobby.  Why would they allow cats in the lobby?!!!??

Lucy was people watching and gave wags to every single person that walked by us.  

15 minutes later we were done and had tags in hand.  

WFASC you did a fantastic job.  Thanks for getting us in and out so quickly.  See you in 2024!!


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