Saturday, April 10, 2021

ICE: In Case Of Emergency - A Post by the Momma

 As you may have gathered from posts in the past I am addicted to tik tok.  A video came across my FYP that really hit me in the heart.  It was a police officer that was dispatched to a motel where an elderly man had passed away.  In the car with him was his very fearful chihuahua still sitting on her bed just shaking.  They had to use a laundry basket to make a cage to get her out.  There was no contact information in the car, no family phone numbers, nothing.  So this elderly chihuahua lost her person and now was taken to a shelter.  Right then and there I began looking up "in case of emergency" tubes I had seen in our dog sports groups.  I found a store on facebook called Dog Mom By Design.  She makes standard and mini ICE tubes.  We caught a flash sale and got 2 blush minis and a pink mini.  

Fast forward a couple days and they arrived.  

One will be kept on the house kennel, one will be kept on the car kennel 

and one will be attached to the headrest above the girls car seat.  

The velcro is perfectly sized to fit between the bars (and long enough to attach to the headrest bar) on the kennel door and is super strong.

This is the mini tube on a medium airline kennel for reference.

It doesn't impede vision when installed either.

The tubes did come with an ICE sheet which is awesome.  However I made my own mini sheets.  I then laminated, hole punched and attached a key ring. 

They slide in and out of the tube with ease and the key ring allows for easy grip.

I love them.  It gives me peace of mind that my family and friends information is inside and in the event of an emergency my girls will go to someone familiar  


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