Thursday, April 22, 2021

Bloodwork and Recheck Appointment

On 4-1-2021 Dr Lehman prescribed me Galliprant 20 mg 1x daily for a 2 week trial.  After 2 weeks of being on the medication I have been feeling better and momma noticed a reduction in me licking/biting my knees.   On 4-14-2021 I had to go back to the dogtor to do a follow up appointment and get bloodwork done to ensure my body would tolerate the medication.  We arrived and checked in over the phone.

Once called inside we were put in room 1.  The technician asked how I was doing and put down notes for the dogtor.  Momma told her about the reduction in my knee biting/licking.  She also told her about my rough night from Monday 4-12-2021.  Momma wondered if the meds were working or was it from another cause.

The technician whisked me away to steal me bloods and take a look at my raw spot.  As we re-entered the room I put on my best "poor Lucy act" to get extra sympathy and pets.  It worked like a charm.  She handed me back to momma and said the dogtor would review the results and be in with us in a moment. 

While we waited we took a quick exam table photo. 

Option 1 sitting pretty.

Option 2 laying down and relaxed.  Ahh what the heck Ill include both.

Thinking about the grand breakfast momma promised for my cooperation. 

I hear someone coming....

Its dogtor Wurster!  He did a quick check of my raw spot and handed me back to momma.  I sat on the bench listening contently. 

Bloodwork came back WNL (within normal limits) and I was given refills of galliprant for 1 year as needed.  I can taper off to 1 every other day or so as long as my pain stays under control.  If I loose weight (#embarrassing) and get to 13 lb I can go to a 1/2 tablet every other day as needed. 

He said the raw spot looked more allergies and with the change of seasons allergens were up.  He offered me a new medication called Apoquel to help.  I would continue zyrtec for a couple days and be on Apoquel 1 tablet 2x daily for 2 weeks as a loading dose.  Discontinue my zyrtec.  Then going to 1 tablet my mouth 1x daily thereafter.  This will help with skin allergies, eye allergies, and seasonal flare ups.

Once finished up in the room we headed to the lobby to be discharged.

  I wasn't able to socialize wif the other puppies due to covid and the "social distancing".  #supersad

But we did take the opportunity to get a quick med picture.  Ooops!  BLEP!

Ahh thats better.

A few moments later I heard my name and leapt into action.  Im  

Thank you to Dr Lehman, Dr Wuster, techs, and office ladies for helping me get on track to feel better!  


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