Tuesday, April 6, 2021

No Joke April 1, 2021 - It's Vaccination Day

2021 is the big year we get new badges of bravery with our annual vaccines. After much deliberation and worry on the mommas part we have decided to go back to CPV as our primary permanent vet clinic.  It just makes sense for us. So here is how it went.  

Momma had the day off however we woke up at our usual time of 6:30 and were on the road at 7:44.  

We have arrived.  They are doing hybrid covid protocols.  First we call and check in from the parking lot.  When its our turn they will call us into the building.  

Once inside we went to exam room 2.  

We got weighed.  I was 16.7.

Poppy was 10.3

The vet tech checked our charts, verified what vaccines we were due for and asked if she had any concerns. 

As always momma has a note to give to the dogtor.  This time concerning my knees.  

Momma this is embarrassing!

The vet tech said the dogtor would be in with us in a few minutes.  We took this opportunity to check out the smells in the room.

Ouch my knee!  I guess you were right momma we need to talk to the dogtor about my knees. 

Ooh there are good smells here!

Can't tell if its great dane or catahoula leopard dog.  

Oh no I think I hear the dogtor coming!

Yep its time!

Today we saw Dr. Lehman. EEK I see the needles!

I was selected to go first. She checked toofers, heart, eyes, lungs, tummy, legs, and overall condition.  All checked out great but she did mention I was a little "overweight" and should be more about 13.5 lb.  :(  Getting my weight down would help my knees.  She then addressed the concerns momma had with my knees.  Dr Lehman said my knees will pop out but pop right back in.  I am not in need of surgery right now since they pop back in so easily.  However with the pain I have been experiencing I might benefit from an antinflammitory medicine.  She recommended Galiprant.  Its the safest on kidneys and livers.  

Now it was time for the pokies.  Whew.  Not too bad...As I alway say...Poppy bites harder than that!

Speaking of Poppy it was her turn on the table.  Her  toofers, heart, eyes, lungs, tummy, legs, and overall condition were spot on as well.  When the dogtor asked if there were any concerns for her momma said and I quote "nope she is a happy little gremlin".  BOL!  

Be easy wif my sisfur pawlese.

Reunited and it feels so good!

Time to celebrate.  Momma said she was so proud of me for not nipping and being brave!

Alright how do we get outta here?

Oh no they are coming back?!??!

Thankfully it was just to give me my prescription of Galiprant.  I got a 2 week supply.  If momma sees improvement then I will come back for bloodwork and a longer prescription.

Let me see....let me see...

Oh no....its a pill?!??!  :( #SadPoodle

Before leaving the room we took our annual exam table photos.  CHEESE!

Cushion please and thank you!  This table is chilly.  Ok I ready.

Time to head up front and pay. 

Last but not least they had a little photo backdrop set up which was furry spring-y.  CHEESE!


Bonus blooper exam table shots.

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