Saturday, May 6, 2017

Life with Lucy Review: Clik-R by Petsafe

 5-1-17 Today's Life with Lucy Review will be on the Clik-R by Petsafe.

When I first started puppy school our trainer gave us a blue box clicker.  It makes a nice loud sharp noise which I personally liked.

However momma had trouble pressing the clicker button especially when holding it in one hand with treats and using her other hand for signals.  During another training session, Nanette showed our pawrents her favorite clicker.  Momma was very impressed and went right out and picked one up for us to use during training.
 My favorite things about this clicker are ease of use for momma, a nice distinct sound, and the raised button!

Ease of use - This clicker has a spot to attach a wrist coil or tether (coil/tether not included).  This allows momma to keep it handy but not have to hold it all the time.  Also under ease of use it features a finger loop so while in use mommas hand is free to hold more treats.

Sound - The sound is distinct, crisp and clear.  More importantly the sound is soft.  So if you are out at an event/training center its not going to bother people but your pet will still be able to hear it and know the meaning.

Raised push button - This is the most important feature according to momma.  This makes hitting the button super easy so she can pair the click better with my training moves.

I transitioned from the old box style clicker to the Petsafe Clik-R with no issues.  Momma just reloaded it the same way we learned in class with the first clicker.  Now all momma has to do is get it out of my puppy bag and I know its training time!  

I highly recommend this clicker for any puppy or doggie that loves training.  Momma purchased ours at the local Petsense store for $3.99. 

Puppy Growls,


  1. Hey Lucy - My clicker is similar to yours - with a button that is much easier for mom to use. AND! right now we are using a bag of Little Jacs for training too!

  2. Oh, that is a FABulous clicker Lucy! Butts, I likes your treaties! I remembers those! They are delish! Happy training gurl! (butts, if you ever needs help gettin' in troubles, lets me know...hehehehe)
    Ruby ♥

  3. It's my favorite colors - purple and tennis ball chartreuse! You are going to be the smartest pup in the whole wide world, Lucy!