Sunday, May 21, 2017

Life with Lucy Review: Coastal Pet Comfort Soft Harness

Welcome to another Life with Lucy Review.  This week I am reviewing the Coastal Pet Comfort Soft Harness.  It is a step in style which is easier for me to get into when its walkie time.

In this particular harness I am sized XXSmall - Pink, Girth Size 14"-16".  So with all harnesses I recommend measuring behind the front legs and then going off the girth inch size rather than the "small, med, lg" markings.  Also as with the Puppia harness I tried,  if your measuring at the max girth inch size of a particular harness go up a size.  You will have room to grow especially if your a little pupper like me!  I measured 13 inchs, at the time of purchase, so technically the xxx-small have worked since its measurements are 11-13 inches, but being young and (possibly) still growing (even though momma tells me to stop...I don't listen) I went with the xx-small which it measures 14-16 and worked out great. At the smallest setting it fits perfectly.

I love how minimal contact this one is, the mesh is only on the front of the chest and then under the chest, which leaves no nylon/hardware to rub on me when I lie down.  Then on the back is super soft nylon which creates the adjustable portion.  The hardware is small and light weight and is super easy for momma to clip/unclip and hook my leash onto.  This harness is very breathable as well, so when I do yard zoomies no heat is trapped causing me to get overheated.

My only complaint is that this harness does not come in basic black.  However with my Puppia harness that is not an issue, I'll just wear it with a collar that doesn't go with this color.  I'll just have a splash of pink in my wardrobe.  No one ever said a splash of pink was a bad thing right?!?!

I give this product an A-, docking points only for color selection.  I'm a pup of many colored collars, and simply must have options!  Now if pink isn't exactly your color I have found this style (comfort soft step in)  in purple, blue and green.  I highly recommend this product for fun and functionality, especially for the petite pups!  I found the best deal at with free site to store shipping. $7.99.

Puppy Growls,

#NotAD - This was a personally purchased product. 


  1. Lucy it looks very comfy and cool too. and OMCs so very chic for the summer
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. It looks beautiful on you, Lucy, and the pink is really nice and girlie!

  3. If colour is the only issue, it must be a great harness!

  4. I have a harness similar to this one - mine is purple and black

  5. That looks like a comfy harness. I'm glad you like it!