Saturday, May 27, 2017

#NaughtyCat - Jacksons Annual Vaccinations

On 5-22-17 Momma had her day of errands planned out to the hour.  a drop off appointment for Jacksons vaccinations, a hooman doctor appointment to get bloodwork done, a hair salon appointment, a trip to wally-mart for new curtains, a financial planning appointment, and  a dentist checkup/fillings.  She was so happy that she could get everything scheduled in one day.  Well Jackson had other plans.  Now I promise I didn't tell him anything at all.  I understand the importance of getting vaccines.  But somehow he figured it out and didn't show up for breakfast and that was unusual since every day I have been here he is always sitting by the door waiting for his kibbles.  Momma filled his bowl and called for him but he was no where to be found.  On a positive note I got an extra 30 minutes of cuddles since Momma didn't have to drop off Jackson at the vet on her way to town.

 As momma was leaving, I was watching out the window and guess who showed up?!?! Yep Jackson was sitting out under the tree just staring at momma like, HA HA HA, I won!  She took his picture and posted it on her facie-booky to show what a #naughtycat he was being.  Shameful boy!


So that brings us to the present.  Momma had rescheduled his vaccinations for today. We stuffed, err,  placed him lovingly in a crate and loaded him in the Murano Mobile.  Since she had no other appointments I got to go too!

Maybe he just needed a vet buddy.

Lets Go!

 I can keep you company so you doesn't get scared bud.

While Jackson got his vaccinations, and didn't even cry,  I helped momma wif the June Newsletter for Dogtor Flanary.

All done Jack Jack.  See that wasn't so bad.

Oh Hi Ellie...

... yes I would like to play!

Ill play up here, Just to make things even.

Smooches Ellie, Ill see you later!

Puppy Growls,
& Jackson the #NaughtyCat

Pee Ess: To answer some questions from my Playtime wif Jackson post.  No special camera angles/tricks were used to make that post.  Jackson is about 13 pounds and I am 7.  He is a gentle giant and loves to run with me.  Then when I catch him I pull his tail and he bats at my head.  Its all fun and games and momma watches us closely.  If anything gets too ruff we are separated to calm down.  We just love to play wrestle.


  1. TeeHeeHee, that Jackson is one sneaky kitty! We are glad you and your Mama finally got him in to get his vaccinations!
    Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. Kittehs seem to know how to avoid da humans when da vet are on da schedule.

  3. I think that's pretty neat that you get to wrestle and have fun with a kitty, Lucy!

  4. Lucy thank goodness all went well and Jackson is healthy and a fun playmate
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. Looks like you are a regular there!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley