Sunday, May 21, 2017

Life with Lucy Review: Puppia (Style B) Harness

The harness I have from Puppia is the "Soft Vest Harness B".  They do have other styles available but momma felt this one would be easier to put on, as its a step in style, and easier for me to wear.

At the time of ordering I was measuring a size 13" chest and per the sizing guide I fell between sizes.  Momma worried going with small (chest measurement) it would be too tight and I would have no room to grow.  So we went with the size medium and all of the reviews/websites state to go up a size if they are at the maximum  end of the length (chest measurement wise) in the size guide.

When they arrived I tried the yellow first, of course!  To my delight it fit like a glove.  I have a tad bit of extra room in the front/chest and ribcage area when the velcro is placed just square on top of each other.  Which allows for a bit of growth so I won't be buying a new harness in a few months.

(Side note: the velcro will allow a lot of room for growth if need be as it does not have to be placed square on top of each other to function properly.  See photo collage below).  

I have worn it on many walkies and golf cart rides and have to say it is comfortable.  More importantly its breathable.  Momma says when I get yard zoomies it doesn't seem to trap heat so I can wear it year round.

Per momma, the hardware is very light weigh even though its bigger than the hardware on all my other harnesses/collars.  She also likes the "D" rings.  They are a good size and easy to clip a leash on with one hand.

Puppy Style B harnesses come in a variety of pawsome colors such as: neon, plaids, floral, check, gingham, ruffle and so many more!  Hmm...I should add some of those to my list for Santa Paws! *Be Right Back*

Without further ado Puppia's Style B Vest Harness gets an A+ from this Life with Lucy Review!  If you like step in style harnesses and want something that is going to be soft/comfortable for your pup Puppia is the way to go!  I would highly recommend this for a friend.  The best deal I found was $16.99 at with free site to store shipping.

Puppy Growls,

#NotAd - These were personally purchased products.


  1. The yellow does look very pretty on you, Lucy!

  2. That is a beautiful harness. We are glad you won't get too hot in it and can grow into it.

  3. It does look very nice on you Lucy!

  4. You look grreat in that bright yellow!