Saturday, August 5, 2017

Gracies Bi-yearly Vaccination

Well per momma it was time for Aunt Gracie to get her bi-yearly vaccinations.  She had to get a Kennel Cough booster.  Since we are at risk due to going to public events, grooming and shopping its advised per our veterinarian. 

I went along for moral support.  I know its scary getting vaccines but its just the intranasal one.  You are going to be ok!  I promise

We coordinated our leash and collar sets. Lets get this done!

Thats right shake it off!

Co-ordinated walking is harder than it looks...but I think we got this now.

Once they got her Kennel Cough booster done they gave us the BAD NEWS!

It was time for a heartworm test!  Gracie I'm so sorry its just one wee pokie then all done.  7 minutes later the results came back!!!!!!!

NEGATIVE FOR HEARTWORMS!!!!!! I think that deserves a treat or 15....just sayin!

Where did we park the car?

Are you sure Aunt Gracie?  I think it's this way.

Nope you were right....

Lets get outta here and go have fun!


I shared my Marshall County Rock wif her so she would feels happy again.  And look at that royal purple band-aid.  So pretty!

Seems momma was sneaking things in my puppy bag while I was playin wif Ellie at the clinic.  She traded in my puppy interceptors for big puppy interceptors.  I do like the green box but not sure I approve of the 6 pack.  Hmmm.

We are home again!

Enough flashy beast momma, open dat gate!

YEAH!  Alright last one to the porch is it for bitey face!

Remember pups and cats, get your vaccines and heartworm preventative as recommended by your veterinarian.  They know whats best so you can live a happy healthy life.  Just look at Aunt Gracie 3 years on heartworm prevention and she got a negative test and feels great!!!

Puppy Growls,
Lucy and Aunt Gracie


  1. We take our heart worm preventatives once a month.

  2. Impawtent message! So nice of you to go for moral support!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. You guys are so adorables! yes, annual tests and vaccines (per your vettie) and preventatives are a must! I have to do the drops on my skin, since the oral chews make me puke. ☺ Butts, if you do have to do the drops, Ma says put it on right before a walkie, and us doggies can't rub it off on the furniture or carpet! (not that I would ever do that.....)
    Ruby ♥

  4. I love your coordinating collars and leashes! It's fun isn't it☺
    Yuk to shots!