Monday, August 21, 2017

The Solar Elipse of 2017 - The Path of Totality

At 1:22 PM CST today Monday August 21st 2017 the whole area went dark during the Solar Eclipse.  We were in the path of totality and it was truly an amazing sight!  During the months leading up to it I admit that I couldn't understand the enormity of the situation but as the time grew closer I got excited but had no idea it would be so magical to see live.

 I was lucky enough to have the day off of work (originally for a dental appointment that had to be reschedule due to the staff taking off for the eclipse) and got to enjoy it from the solitude of an open field out in the country with no distractions.  I packed up the treat pouch with my gear.

Lucy tested out the solar eclipse glasses before the big event.

My grandparents (Doggy Nanny and Grandpa as Lucy calls them) and Aunt Gracie joined us.

Lucy opted to sit with her best friend in the whole world while we waited on the moon to do its trick!

I watched through my eclipse glasses and just pointed at the sky with the camera.  I took about 10 shots and got 1 perfect one.  

Once the moon moved over and the sun came back out I updated facebook and snapchat.

The girls played hard in the field and after my grandparents went home I took Lucy down further in the field to do some training on the big toppled tree.  When we got home she got right to napping!

Another great day full of memories!

-Katie (the momma)

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  1. We weren't as lucky as you were but we did watch it on TV.
    What an amazing experience for you guys to witness!