Tuesday, September 19, 2017

BioPetCollars.com Review

I admit my previous dogs, Mollie Jo and Bobo, did not wear collars 24/7/365, this was mostly due to my mom taking them off all the time.  She hated making them wear collars in the house.  I often found myself saying "I just had collars on them, where are their collars?"  she would reply "Oh, I took them off."  :)   So their collars never got very dirty or frayed.  However with Lucy I have made it a point to make sure she has a collar on with ID all the time in addition to her microchip.  Back in the spring I chose yellow as "her color".  So that is what color collar she wore.  Well after weeks of day care, romps through the soy bean field, and golf cart rides this summer the collar was looking rough.  I was clean it every few weeks when she was bathed but it just got worse and worse as time went on and was starting to fray.

So I went to the internet to find a solution.  I posted in the "Dog Collars and Leads" Facebook group asking what collars people used that were durable and got an answer very quick.  Three people right away commented "Biothane" collars.  I found a few different websites that sell them boasting that they are water proof, stink proof and weather resistant.  Just what I was looking for.

I found out when ordering the size listed  is the measurement for entire length of the collar from the bar in the middle of the buckle to the tip.  On each page it will tell you what length neck each collar size fits.  For example I ordered the 12 inch collar.  It fits a 9-10 1/2 inch neck.

The website I ordered from is BioPetCollars.com and their prices can't be beat.  For the 1/2 inch biothane collar it is $3.00 and the 4 foot 1/2 inch leash is $8.00.  I also love the range of colors available including yellow!!!!!  For larger breeds there is a 3/4 and 1 inch width available.

Their processing and shipping was fantastic.  I ordered this on a Wednesday afternoon and received it Saturday via US Mail.  The quality of the collar was superb and the hardware looks awesome.  It fit like a charm.  I could not be more pleased. :)

I am very satisfied and I highly recommend them due to fantastic quality and customer service.

Only time will tell how weather resistant/puppy proof this collar will be and I plan on doing an updated review once Lucy has had time to test it. 

-Katie (The Momma)
#NotAd - This was a purchased product.


  1. Beautiful collar! We do NOT wear collars cuz one time we had a bad experience when Stanley got his canines stuck behind my collar.

    Yo-ho-ho! Yer Pirate Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Oh no! My mom has a collar fetish! I need to hide this post from her! Your new collar looks so striking on you, Lucy!

  3. We take collars off at night because the dinging drives me crazy!

    Love these collars!

  4. We don't wear collars at home - for walks we wear harness but we need collars for going to trials
    Hazel & Mabel