Friday, September 8, 2017

Earning my AKC TKN Title

In May 2017 the AKC started offering the Trick Dog Titles for registered dogs.  There are currently 4 title levels as shown below. 

After a lot of practice momma thought it was time to get tested.  She called around and was having a hard time finding an evaluator since this program is so new but at Glendhenmere Kennel in Hazel KY there are two evaluators!!! She booked me in for 1 pm Saturday September 2, 2017.  Here is how it went.

We took a furry long drive out to Hazel KY, which is 15 minutes past mommas work.  I saw so many corn fields and soy bean fields I literally lost count.  Then the GPS said, turn here, and you have arrived.

Yep thats the street we need!

The evaluator lives on a huge property with a grand training building filled with more equipment than I could ever know what to do with and boy oh boy you should have seen the ribbons that lined the place!   I wish momma would have gotten pictures but she was busy talking about titles and training.  Miss Kim told momma that I could get my CGC soon with just a little work on my greetings and even take the Farm Dog CGC (FDC) test.  Its the CGC with farm animals thrown in for funsies!!!!  Seriously that sounds super fun!  Any hoo back to today.

There were so many smells in the training building that I took a few detours between my tricks but Dr. Mary told momma how she could help me focus.  We got right back to it and I completed each one without any problems.

Tricks Performed: Touch, Find it, Paws Up, Hup, Tunnel, Kennel Up, Spin, Jump, Load Up and Shake
Score: Passed!!!!!!!

After we left I took a photo next to the Murray KY sign.

Then we hopped in the car.

And I settled in for a little nap.

Once we got back to Symsonia, I got all my paperwork together to send in to the AKC, put in an envelope and...

...had momma stop by the post office so I could put it in the mail bin myself!  It's furry impawtant!!!!

Puppy Growls,
KD's Twinkle Twinkle Lucy Star TKN


  1. Wahoo!!! Lucy that is great! Next week I am starting a class called Focus, Fun & Tricks!. Our instructor said we well do the test for the Novice Trick title at the end of the course!
    I know you are gonna be ready for the CGC test real soon!
    Hazel too

  2. OMD, you're titled now! That's like being royalty, isn't it??

  3. Congratulations, Lucy! You will soon be the smartest pup I know! We have the same collar, ya know☺

  4. Wahoovies, go Lucy!! What a talented girl you are!
    Arty & Jakey

  5. OMD!!!! That is sooooo cool gurl!!! You are gonna be a STAR!
    Ma says the only title I've earned can't be said on a G-rated bloggie....hehehehe
    Ruby ♥