Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Just A Poodle and Her Training Gear

9-9-17 It was just a standard Saturday morning.  We got up, sat outside enjoying the crisp fall air, I had some kibble while momma ate her breakfast, and we watched an episode of Desperate Housewives.  Once the episode was over momma started gathering up ALL my trick gear and put it in a rubbermaid bin.  I was kind of curious, to my knowledge we didn't have any events, weren't going to a trick test or anything of the sort.   Then momma tricked me into getting a bath.

I was super worried that she was kicking me out of the house.

To my relief instead of putting my things on the curb with a free to good home sign we loaded my gear up on to the golf cart!!!!

We headed down to the soy bean field and unloaded it on to the trailer that is parked there.  We even had a little friend join in on the fun.  A cute grass hopper, I named her Ida.

Momma wanted to get a photo of me with my trick training gear for my doggie book.  Oh boy!!!

Model Pose

Sitting Pretty

And my funny happy face.

Puppy Growls,
Lucy & Ida