Saturday, January 26, 2019

A Puppy Play Date & Belated Birthday Wishes

Our furiend Douglas turned 10 years old this month.  Sadly on his birthday momma was sick and we couldn't go to his pawty.  

However our mommy talked to his mommy and we set up a special play date.  We brought him a birthday gift, card and lots of kisses!

Douglas lives out in the country like we used to and there is such nice scenery to look at on the drive out. 

As we turned on his road look what we found. It was a beautiful bovine.  

Momma called out to him to look our way for a picture and he was so kind to pose.  I wonder if he has an instagram?

Bovine Blooper!  

Upon arrival it was a wagging tails and kisses.  

Oh Douglas you look snazzy in your sweater!

 Momma didn't have the camera ready when I pulled some fun stunts.  There was a dining room chair pulled out just enough for me to jump on and well I just jumped right on the table.  BOL!  Then Miss Cindy came behind the chair and I tried to jump on the back of the dining room chair like I do the recliner.  Seems a dining room chair has a smaller back than the recliners I have at home and the chair tipped back a little causing momma to gasp.  What can I say I like to have fun!  Its called parkour momma!  think of how boring life would be without my stunts and stories!!!!  This was the chair in question.  I posed in it later.  See the smile on me face! #happypoodle

Soon after we arrived Miss Lisa, Rocker and Bella joined the pawty.  

Rocker and Bella are Havanese.  They had the softest furs we ever did see and such pretty color patterns.  

Miss Cindy said it was like Rocker had brush strokes of black paint on his white fur and I agree.  

Poppy was a little nervous and had a growlie at Douglas when he first approached. 

 Momma told her no and then petted Douglas when he turned his head she sniffed his ear and all was good.  Good job sissy!

We were well fed while there.  We got some wet food, cookies and soft treats.  

When we went out for Potty breaks we got to see Douglas' new sisfur her name is Daisy and she is a pit/boxer mix.  She is a beautiful girl but sadly she was abandon and furry scared.  And got even more frightened when my furless sissy barked at her.  (But no growlies from Poppy)  Sorry momma!

Still how rude Poppy! Momma didn't have her camera outside wif us to get a pic but I tried my furry best to make furiends.  I would play bow, wiggle my wee lil tail and then run off.  She didn't wanna play but maybe next time.  This is Poppy watching me and Daisy play when I went out wif Miss Cindy.

After while Poppy felt brave and got down on the floor, then outta no where she took from the living room, through dining room and into the room wif the pool table.  Of course I joined her then Douglas joined in to.  Here are the shots momma got.  They may be blurry but the blurry shots mean we were havin fun!

Me and Douglas needed a break.  Whew what a good game of chase. 

There were lots of power naps to taken.  

I needed a cooler place and hopped on the tile.  Ready to engage nap mode.

And achieved!

After a power nap me and Poppy got some bitey face time in.

Whats that noise?  Treat bag?

We all ran to the living room to eat the goods and Momma still cant believe it but she did manage to capture a photo with all 5 of us in it.  

Miss Cindy got this one of Me, Rocker and Bella

One thing I have learned about Douglas and his pawrents is they are Dallas Cowboy fans.  How could you not be their logo is a star!  Well Poppy must be a cowboys fan too, the first toy she took from Douglas' basket was a cow boys football. 

She proceeded to raid the toy box a few more times as did Rocker.    

Speaking of foot ball Mr Donnie was watching the big foot ball game.  It wasn't the cowboys but it was exciting.  We helped him root for his team.  Miss Cindy caught these photos of us all on the couch together

When the game went to commercial Mr. Donnie got in the floor wif us.  

And a game of tug of war broke out between the boys!

It got intense!  Rocker won!

While we played Poppy over heard the hoomans talking and there is rumors of more pawties in the near future, a trip to a cabin in da woods, and possibly a swim pawty (if it ever warms up of course).  EEK!  We're so happy out little hearts could burst!  Theres lots of FB pups that live near we havent even met yet who maybe joining in on those pawties.  Josie the Maltese, Faith the Shihtzu and Molly the therapy dog, just to name a few!

Before we left Miss Lisa, Bella and Rocker were so thoughtful and gifted us some hammy-downs.  There are sweaters, hoodies, and harnesses.  Miss Lisa that was so thoughtful!!!!  Thank You

And Miss Cindy gave us some goodie bags from Douglas' Pawty!  We snacked on these while pawing this post.  They are awesome!

As we pulled out of the driveway the sky put on quite a display and was stunning to see in the furs.  A perfect end to a fantastic day!

On the drive home Poppy fell asleep on me.

.02 seconds after arriving home we crashed and were not heard from again till the morning alarm went off for work.

Now that we have napped Douglas we want to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  And send a THANK YOU to Miss Cindy for hosting the puppy play date!  

Lucy & Poppy

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  1. Happy Birthday to your furfriend Douglas. That looks like you all had such a wonderful time together. Running around is our favorite to watch and then it's nap time after all the excitement. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals