Sunday, January 20, 2019

Overtime in Water Distribution Leads to a Doggie Sleepover

2 weeks momma got the opportunity to get some over time, she was so thankful to make up some of her sick days missed.  She worked a double from 4 PM-12AM after her  regular 7-4.  Since she had to be back up and at work by 7 the next morning, Doggy Nanny offered us a sleepover.  Oh boy we both hopped at the opportunity.  Here's our selfie! #SQUADGOALS

Momma worried we would drive her nuts or destroy the house overnight, but we were on our best behavior.  We did have some bitey face action as bed time rolled around before settling in for the night  but after that we slept well. 

 Momma said it was fun working the night shift.  She got time to work on pupdating our doggie books and she did get a big main leak come in at 11:15 PM, which made the last hour fly by.  

Lucy and Poppy