Friday, January 25, 2019

Lil Bit's of This and That From Our Week

Momma finally caught one of the amazing sun rises she gets to see out her office window.

She also added the final piece to her desk decor.  She noticed that there was an empty space in the right corner that our paws didn't fill so she ordered her self a little something. 

Its a fire hydrant (cause she works in the water distribution department) dog tag.  It has our names engraved on it!  We think it looks down right perfect!

This past Tuesday Grandpa had to go to the people vet in Plano Texas and it was a 2 hour drive so day care was closed and we....oh its hard to even paw this....stay home all day ALONE!  Well momma did come by to see us at lunch but still 2 4 hour blocks of aloneness is hard on pups.  She did make it up by taking us on a bye bye ride around the neighborhood. Thankfully the next day day-care was officially reopened and we were happy pups once again. 

During mommas sickies we...she lost Poppy's jam jams.  Some how they ended up under our pet stairs in the bedroom and she only found them this morning.  Thank goodness too because a cold front blew in to Wichita Falls and it was a brisk 20 degrees when we woke up and Poppy needed the bum bum coverage!  I was fine in just me furs. 

Lucy & Poppy

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