Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Trick Training Time - #ChewyInfluencer - Wellness Core Petite Treats Lamb, Apple and Cinnamon Recipe Review

I was so excited when our order arrived and I found a bag of Wellness Core Petite Treats Lamb treats inside.  I am ready for new challenges and new noms.

Lets take a quick look at these treats before we get down to business.  They are sized just right for small breeds.  They are shaped like little flowers.  Way too cute!

We have the Lamb, Apple Cinnamon flavor combo.  Per the label they have flaxseed to promote a healthy shiny coat.  Hmm...May have to give my sis-fur some to test that part.  They are made with premium all natural ingredients, they have fiber and probiotics to help enhance digestion.  Wow all that packed into a tiny treat?!?!?!  Thats AMAZING!

Alright time to get down to business.

Sniff Test

Taste Test.  My findings...quite scrumptious!

We found doing a hand boop led to kisses so Lucy lent me her target stick and problem solved.  I wasn't temped to kiss it like I am momma.  


We studied the AKC evaluators guide to find a new trick for me to try and I it call Poppy in a Box.

Almost there.

I gots this!  Easy Peasy!

Alright time to pack up and head to class to show my trainer what I have accomplished.


***Short intermission***
In addition to using these at home to practice I took these to a couple training classes and they were easy to grab for rewards, quick to eat, and kept me motivated.  :)

In conclusion if your a small to medium size pupperino looking for a new treat for training time and enjoy de-puppin-licious things, give these a try.  Be sure to check out for all the fantastic flavor combinations from Wellness.  


*Disclaimer I was sent this in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Good for you for climbing into your box, Poppy. That's not always easy to accomplish. Your treats look so yummy!