Monday, April 29, 2024

A Drive Through Turtle Creek Addition

 Ahh...Up here in the north side Turtle Creek Addition of WF its like being in the city but also like the country. 

Houses spread far apart...

Ranch style gates....this one even has a frenchie sign.  Cool beans!

So many smells....goats, cows, dogs!

This day was super blustery so we got really cool messy hair!

Would you believe we even got recognized.  Miss A messaged us and said I just saw yall on turtle creek road.  #famousinasmalltown.

We passed this little pond with an island and it has it own iron lizard.  

We spotted this down sign.  It was cool to see it up close.  We did report it to the city so hopefully it gets replaced soon.

Then I started getting tummy grumblies

Momma lets head home and get suppers.

I concur.

For now we shall nap.


Ehh...too tired.

Lets roll!


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