Monday, April 29, 2024

Storms Were A Brewin'

 Whew Saturday the 27th was a little scary.  We had big storms rolling in and they had been spawning tornados on the north section of the storms.  

We decided to wait it out at Doggy Nannys. Momma just had an eerie feeling.  We got lots of Doggy Nanny snuggles...

A nap...

and scritches.

We patrolled the front yard.

But made sure to keep an ear to the tv for the latest on the storm.

After a bit the southern portion of the storms weakened quite a bit so we decided to make a mad dash home.  

We got sprinkled on during the drive home.  We made a quick stop to potty and then the rain hit.  We got lucky.

No one we knew had any direct damage.  But so thankful God had us in his safe protection.


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