Monday, April 29, 2024

Vaccination Day - 3rd Stop - Colonial Park Vet

 Three years in the making I get to turn in my old flower tag for a red heart tag!  I am a little sad Angel Lucy isn't joining me.  Its big events like this that make us miss her all over again.  But we must push on...and we arrived at CPV on a nice gloomy cloudy day!

Momma why must I be here?  

Yes I frew a fits when you tried to leave me at home.  Yes I ran out the door like a banshee...what is your point?

Just hold my paw momma.  I don't like it here.

Cora Jean...I am the one getting a pokie!

I know sissy.....but but but...

If I can do it you can do it.

Right momma?

I don't fink I can do its?

Momma can you hold me?

This feels betters.

Momma...can you holds me too...


I furry scared!

Ill scoot overs.

Fank you sissy!

We have a better view up here anyway.

oh my dog....xl bully litter mates.  Their tails are bigger than us and they are only 12 weeks old.

Let me get a better look.

Aww they kinda long as they keep their puppy energy over there.

Rats!  Momma said we was too heavy to keep holding.


Well at least I have a chance to bork at people this way.

Speaking of here comes a furry suspicious mutt.

Whew hes a big boy!

Aww labbie.

Always on patrol.

Meanwhile Cora is giving momma serious stink eye AND side eye.   Nice work sissy.

Then she turned on the pitiful face!

Super sad eyes...

Then avoidance.  

That sounds like a kitty.

Awww....she is a stray and a sweet lady is checking to see if she is chipped.  How nice.

All too soon we were called back to the exam room.  We went over the vaccines I was due to get, my diet and any concerns.  

Next on the agenda was getting my weight.  Momma asked if she could have a pic of me on the scale....the staff doesn't even bat an eye anymore with mommas antics.  Me I zerbert you momma!!!!

9.3 I have lost a bit of weight.  Must be all the cardio when me and the neighbors have our "neighborhood gossip sessions".

The ultimate betrayal.  Mother said I wasn't due for anything.   

Then why am I up heres...huh....huh....oh just to get a weight...right!

Fine one picture.  Later I will tear out the trash....and have no regerts!

Good news was the weight was just to see if I lost or gained after getting spayed and going on my "light" food.  Good news is I am only up .5 lbs.  So staying steady.

Mother I scareds!

Checking out the scent from the last pup in this room.  I think its doberman....or may min pin.  they are furry similar.

My best forlorn face.   


Ooh i smell hoomans....and cats!

Ok...if I sit real still and look cute can we go home.

Obligatory exam table photo. 

I got this down pat!

Ears up...tail floofed...eyes bright....

...and of course one with tongue....*Raspberries*

Sweet face.

Model pose.

Oh no...I thought I heard the dogtor coming.

What was I doing...

Oh yea table photos.

Wait no I think that is the dogtor.

Shhh Sissy.

False alarm.

Momma hold me...

Im scared again.

You want me to do what?

Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Im calling Doggy Nanny when we get outta here.

Put me down now.

I mean it.

*Raspberries* pic but no ears. 

There there sissy.

Sorry you have to get a pokie.

Mother kept insisting that we try for a double ear up photo...

I said no!

I kicked sissy off the table to I could sniff in peace.

So many smells... little time.

I hiding

Quit being a whiny pup Cora.




Never know what youll find.

oh tree rats...thats the handle jiggling.

Momma hold me.

I...I am not scared just need a hug.

The dogtor examined me, stole my bloods for testing, gave me the bordetella (oral) and rabies vaccine (pokie).  Momma asked if it looked like I needed a dental.  Surprisingly the Dogtor said....No for her breed her teeth look good. Thanks mainly to the cet chews. Slight tartar but we will recheck in a year.  HOT DOG!  Overall I looked healthy no joint or back issues seen.  He even mentioned my skin and coat looked good.  Even if I was a bit dry from my baff the night before.  BOL.  

Momma also asked if there is anything we can do for my storm/fireworks anxiety.  We got a new gel to try.  Fireworks season is coming soon.  May through September its monthly around these parts.  The nurse went over how much to give and how to administer.  Just 1 click in the cheek and thats it.  

The nurse said the heartworm test is running and the bloodwork will be sent to the lab as its cheaper to send out just for routine testing.

I got my BADGE of Bravery.  Oh my dog its so pretty!

Moments later my heartworm test results were in and I am NEGATIVE!  Iverheart for the win!  

Momma I getting sleepies.

I think we should go home and nap.


Note from the momma: I feel so blessed that my girl is healthy!  I can't thank CPV enough for providing her care all these years.


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