Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Visiting Momma's Work

 As you know Momma got promoted to Senior Clerk last fall.  

She brought us over to check out her new home away from home.  This is the recycle center.

T cans for days.

These are the rolloffs mommas always talking about.

Commercial dumpsters.

And the fleet of garbage collection trucks.

Mommas office. 

Big dumpsters.

This is the type we have in our ally.

Ooh look at those big trucks.

The 2nd location in mommas department is the Transfer Station on Lawrence Rd.  Drivers and the public can drop loads off trash at this central building by the mall.  Then large 18-wheelers send big loads out to the Landfill on Wylie Rd.

Wow its so big!

Arriving at the front gate.

Hi Miss Mary!

We stopped and talked to Miss Brandy and the guys.  Cora Borked them up pretty good.  I was a sweet pup and let everyone touch my head.  But the main attraction was inside the transfer station. 

Let me just tell you what!  It was so stinky and smelly and oh I just wanted to dart out and start rummaging through it all.  

The amount of dead bugs in here must be astronomical.

Oh theres one now.

If I stretch I might...nope...darn!

Sadly momma wouldn't let me run free.  We just rolled right on by that dead bug.

We waved at Mr Wade who used to work with momma in water.  Bye!

On the way out we saw some yard art.

Its Miss Brady's passion.  

Everything is so colorful!

Good Job!

Where to next momma?

The landfill?  Ooh fun!

The 3rd and final location is the CWF Landfill.  Its all the way out at the edge of the city limits near Kamay.

This is where all trash from the whole city of Wichita Falls goes.  It gets buried underground never to be seen again.  

Oh it smells divine!

  Its acres upon acres of open land.

There are big trucks.

 Lots of "cells" for future use.

I can really see why momma comes here every day now.  So much fun.  Wish Mr A would let me come to work with momma.  Im a dumpster gremlin.  BOL


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