Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Embark Dog DNA Test Update and Coupon Code

Do you remember back 14 dog (or 2 hooman) years ago when I did my Embark DNA test?  If not here is a link to my results.

Well since then we have received lots of updates from the company.  Which is one reason I chose them is the ongoing research and sample updates.  The biggest has been Embarks relative finder.  I have quite a few relatives with a 18-20 percent match.  Unfortunately none were close to where I originally came from so its not likely they are close family but one day I hope to pawsibly meet my mom, brother or sister.  That would surely make my tail wiggle for days.

Embark is the leader in Dog DNA.  They check 200,000+ genetic markers, check 170+ health condition markers, offer relative finder, offer continued research, offer genetic counseling and each report has a 20 point trait detail included.

Life with Lucy and Poppy has an exclusive offer for our readers.  We now have a $20 discount code for any Embark test you order.  Just enter our code (see below) at check out.  Thanks Embark for offering this to our readers!  You are PAWsome!

Did you have your DNA tested?  What did the results show?  Anything interesting in your pedigree?

Lucy and Poppy

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  1. I haven't had my DNA tested, because Momma says I'm DEFINITELY a boxer. I'm practically show-perfect! But she always thought my great-brother Casey was mixed with something, maybe greyhound because of his chest conformation. She eventually got his DNA tested...and he was 100% boxer! You never know.