Friday, September 6, 2019

Momma's Teaching Me To Work Scents

Well we are still at a stand still on my trick title. 

I do not like the hoop, I do not like my kennel (on command anyways) and momma tried to put me through a tunnel...yea that aint happenin'! 

So we are going to switch gears and I am going to start working scents.  If I like it I will be rallying with Lucy in 2020 at the OTCWF.  The positives I have found are there is no scary objects to go inside of, there is no handling of my paws and best of all no need for other humans to touch me.  :)  Sounds like the sport for me.

We started slowly.  2 containers with scent and treats pre-loaded in one.  #yum

Lets  see here....treat is in this one.  I choose it.

Now its over heres. problem.

Must get last crumb!!!

That was fun.

*Possible Future Scent Work Dog*

Pee Ess: Speaking of Scent Work...I will be in the intermediate class this fall we will start late October.  Oh boy my tails just a waggin!!!!!!!


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