Saturday, September 7, 2019

Therapy Dog Team: Lucy & Poppy

Doggy Nanny had her surgery (all went well per the doctors), was released and went into Senior Care.  Once we verified that dogs were allowed for visits we loaded up the stroller and right over!

We have arrived.

We waited patiently to be directed to her room.

Seems suspicious!  You can't really see my eyes but just know they look suspicious!

 As soon as we arrived Momma let me out of the stroller and was going to grab my leash when I bolted off the stroller, out of the room and down the hall.  Momma had to chase me down and eventually tackled me retrieved me.  Momma says this is not therapy dog behavior.  What?!?! I am excited.  I want everyone to know I here!!!

I got put in a quick time out while momma caught her breath.

When she let me go  I gave Doggy Nanny lots of hugs and kisses.  Then I jumped over Doggy Nanny and up on the top of her bed just like I do on the recliners at home.  Momma said again this is not therapy dog behavior.  DRAT!

While I went for another time out Poppy went to see Doggy Nanny.  Doggy Nanny fussed with her har, made her wear her hat and had momma get a picture.  BOL!  Reason 15,354 why I don't wear clothes.
After a while I reached my calm.  I got on the foot of the bed and let Doggy Nanny scratch me and love on me.  You can see my tail just wagging wif excitement.

I did some digging and made myself a good nest while Doggy Nanny told the tale of her surgery.  It was a big surgery to redo her hip replacement.  They had to break her bone, put in pins and glue it all back together.  Ouchies!!!!!

Then the nurse came in to hand out meds.  We were respectful and sat quietly.

I kept my eye on her but didn't bark or growlie.  Momma gave me lots of praise and tooshie scratches for this!!!!

After the nurse left some one else came knocking.  It was grandpa!  Oh boy I was super excited!!!!  I have him lots of kisses and wags.  All my favorite peeps in one place.

After all the excitement this happened.  I got into my stroller all by myself....

...I had reached level tired and fell asleep.

We do ask for continued prayers for Doggy Nanny she has a long recovery ahead and she has been in a lot of pain.  After we left we found out they are not properly caring for our Doggy Nanny and we demanded she be moved.  Grandpa told 'em how cows eat cabbage....or something like that and got the process started.  I told him I will send Poppy in for back up if needed.  Shes a scrappy lil bugger.

Lucy and Poppy


  1. It sounds like you had a great visit with Doggy Nanny and we are sure you were the best medicine she could get. We are keeping our paws crossed that she continues to heal and feels better soon.

  2. Try Advanced Rehabilitation and Healthcare on Kemp. We love the care my mom gets and my dad was taken care of very well while he was there for 2 months of rehab.